Aquarelle Lip Blush - The latest technique in Permanent Lip Makeup

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Beauty is defined as a state of harmony – a balance of facial proportions – a balanced relationship among skeletal structures, teeth, and soft tissue. Every woman is different. We can tell by the little and subtle differences in your face. That’s why the permanent makeup services at CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING EMERALD ISLE NC are personalized to meet your specific beauty needs.


Lips are a very important facial feature.

The shape and volume of a person’s lips are of great importance in the perception of beauty by humans. The appearance of the lips in part determines the attractiveness of a person’s face. In females, fuller lips in relation to facial width as well as greater vermilion height are considered to be attractive. Full lips look enticing and luscious. A natural pout enhances the look. 

Full lips give women a smaller cupid’s bow. Women accessorize their lips all the time with tints, lip gloss, lip liners, and more. To make your lips plumper and fuller, enhancing the face to look more feminine, lip tattooing is a great alternative to fillers or surgery. To have beautiful lips of your dreams, you should consider this latest trend in permanent makeup: Aquarelle Lips

Permanent makeup can look very delicate and natural. Permanent Aquarelle Lips technique is the best example of it.  If you are looking for soft naturally tinted lips without having to reapply your lipstick all day long, this is the procedure for you! Dare to show the world what you can do with the extra time you’ll have. Eat, drink, sleep, kiss and rule the world with your beauty.


What is an Aquarelle Lip tattoo?

Have you ever felt that your lips sometimes look pale or asymmetrical? The Permanent Makeup Aquarelle Technique for Lips is for you. 

The Aquarelle Lip method is a soft and natural blending of pigment color into the lips. This lip treatment is created using water based pigments and done in a way that creates full coverage all over the lips giving you a beautiful color. The technique defines your lips while it gives them a natural color and translucent effect making them look more voluminous and sexier. 

Aquarelle Lips is a beauty process that covers from the border to the center of your lip in order to give it a 3D effect. There is no demarcation, just a soft color blushing. It will enhance the fullness of the lips.

The permanent makeup lips last between 2 and 4 years before needing a color boost!


How does Aquarelle Lips work?

It involves creating a very soft and subtle outline of your lips with a permanent lip color that best suits your skin coloring and desired look. This soft line is then blended and shaded to fill in your lips with the pigment.

You will work with a highly trained artist that will design a tattoo to flatter your face shape and give the look of fuller, healthier lips. We start with a consultation to ensure this design is right for your wants and needs. A numbing cream is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the tattooing starts.

The design will be based on exact measures of the rest of your facial features balancing the width, length, shape and color of your lips to beautify your whole face. For this process you can choose the color to give your lips a natural look or be advised by your artist to make them look subtly made-up.

The entire procedure takes approximately one and a half to two hours including design time. This technique can correct uneven lips, scarring, and give the illusion of fuller, symmetrical lips. The artist will help you determine color based on your desired lip effect. Designs can range from a natural or nude look to a more colored effect that emulates a translucent color. Ideal for the illusion of a tint color rather than a lipstick effect.


What are the benefits of permanent cosmetics for the lips?

  • Lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers
  • Restores color to lips that have become pale
  • Corrects blurred lip lines
  • Camoflauges scars and hypopigmentation
  • Smudge-proof color
  • Make lips appear fuller and larger
  • May eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshaping lip borders
  • Saves time and money!

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Book your Aquarelle Lip service today – a technique that gives color to the lips with a gradient effect to create volume. This micropigmentation technique for lips will bring out your best features, making your face look younger and sexier. You will forget the constant lipstick retouching and you’ll be able to enjoy having perfectly outlined lips with a color that matches perfectly with the rest of your face!

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