As the permanent makeup’s global success, treatments such as microblading, microshading, lip blush and eyeliner, offers the best felicity to the length of makeup routines so that you can literally get up and go. CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING EMERALD ISLE NC is your one stop for all your permanent eye makeup needs! Women who have sparse, thick, thin, unruly brows, smudge eyeliner, pigmented lips, you can get the most flattering brows/liner/lips with these techniques.


Adding some sparkle to your eyes with our Eyeliners Basic & Shadow service!

If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, but feel like you look “washed out” without it, eyeliner is perfect for you. Only a very small amount of eyeliner color will be deposited throughout your natural lash line to make you appear as if your eyelashes are lush and dark.

Lash Line Enhancement is also known as Permanent Liner or Permanent Eyeliner. This permanent lash effect procedure places permanent cosmetic pigment between each lash, achieving a natural yet luxuriously full lash base.

With the permanent eyeliner in CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING EMERALD ISLE NC 28594, it defines your eye. It also creates the look of a wider and smaller eye and highlights different features of the eye. Cosmetic makeup is advantageous not only for those who wish to save time applying it but also for those with allergies or sensitive skin who may not otherwise be able to wear eyeliner. 


Benefits of Permanent Makeup Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup or Lash Line Enhancement simulates the appearance of actual lashes! It’s like having eyeliner on ALL THE TIME without running or smudging through the day! With upper eyeliner, smaller eyes can appear bigger and more open. Already large eyes can be accented to pop and be more defined.


How does it work?

Our micropigmentation device pigments a superfine lash line with the desired color. We use an ultra fine needle for an exceptionally precise and gentle pigmentation. The color is brought into the skin between the single lashes and in a very thin line along the lash line. With this technique we create a fuller looking lash line without making it look like an eyeliner.

The Eyeliners Basic & Shadow procedure will not only make your lashes look lush, but it also draws attention to the eye and can greatly enhance the shape of your eyes. Be on the look! And walk every day with the youthfulness in you!



Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic technique which employs permanent pigmentation of the dermis. The procedure is scientifically termed as micro-pigmentation. It is usually performed by cosmetologists and is almost similar to getting a tattoo. This is not a new idea, but it offers numerous medical and cosmetic advantages. This technique is best used with black armband tattoos which create an outline of black that appears like eyeliner.


If you love eyeliner and hate putting it on every day, permanent eyeliner is just for you. This liner is dramatic and makes your eyes “pop.” Color is applied above the lash line in the style you are used to wearing. Note the example is a thick style with a soft edge.


Why should you choose a Permanent Eyeliner Makeup solution?

Permanent eyeliner makeup has many benefits. Permanent eyeliner is more effective than temporary lash liner. Permanent eyeliner is more attractive and is easier to keep in place.

Permanent makeup is safe and is performed in CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING EMERALD ISLE NC under general anesthesia. During the procedure, your eyes will be bandaged so there is no chance of infection. A professional will employ sterilized equipment to treat your skin.

Prior to applying the permanent makeup, the artist applies a smooth, clear layer of color to your eyes using brushes. A special semi-permanent tattoo ink is then used to mark the area where the eyes will be. The artist then applies another layer of ink on top of the first application to the area that has been treated. After that, the area is treated again with an antiseptic before applying the final gloss topcoat to keep eyes protected.

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CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING EMERALD ISLE NC gained a lot of compliments and great reviews from our satisfied customers. 

Best, passion and love were given in every work makes us more determined and wanting to give out clients the happiness of having lovely and gorgeous brows, lips and eyeliners.

The art of tattooing and permanent makeup have been practiced for centuries all around the world. For many people, it drastically improves the quality of life by reducing the time needed for preparation before leaving the house and also from cleaning up after returning home at night. Many people who do not have the skills to draw in eyebrows or eyeliner can now be worry free.

We have these amazing and talented technicians who spread happiness with every client. They treat all customers very special. CAROLINE PERMANENT MAKEUP MICROBLADING does not let remorsefulness exist. Happiness should be! We really wanted to see our clients happy and satisfied with the result.

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